Advertising Standards Authority Inc.

ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY INC, (ASA) (previously known as Committee of Advertising Practice) was formed early in 1973, and incorporated in late 1990. Its membership, in accordance with self-regulatory principles, are requested to be bound by the decisions of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board (see below), is made up of representatives from the:

Association of New Zealand Advertisers(Inc)

Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand

Community Newspapers

Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand

Letterbox Media

Magazine Publishers' Association (Inc)

Newspaper Publishers' Association of New Zealand (Inc)

New Zealand Cinema

New Zealand Marketing Association (Inc)

New Zealand Post

Think TV

Outdoor Media Advertising Association (NZ)

Pay TV Group

Radio Broadcasters Association (Inc)

The three main objectives are:

  1. To seek to maintain at all times and in all media a proper and generally acceptable standard of advertising and to ensure that advertising is not misleading or deceptive, either by statement or by implication.

  2. To establish and promote an effective system of voluntary self-regulation in respect to advertising standards.

  3. To establish and fund an Advertising Standards Complaints Board.

To these ends ASA introduces and amends Codes of Practice. These have been developed for specific categories of advertising where they are considered necessary. Where appropriate the Codes have been developed in consultation with industry, consumer groups and government departments.


Advertising Standards Authority New Zealand, PO Box 10-675, Wellington 6143. PH (04) 472 7852 FAX (04) 471 1785 Email asa@asa.co.nz